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PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. (“PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.”, “We”, “Us”) recognizes the importance of respecting your right to privacy. It is for this reason that we have adopted this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) in relation to the collection of your Personal Information through the use of our TOVPET Application (“TOVPET”).
This Policy is incorporated into the TOVPET Terms and Conditions of Use (Terms of Use"). To safeguard your Personal Information, we developed this Policy, which is primarily designed for Health Care Professionals in Cambodia who are using TOVPET. This Policy applies to all Personal Information obtained by PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. through your use of TOVPET. 

This Policy summarizes the collection, use, disclosure, and processing of Personal Information we receive from you and other important aspects relating to your privacy.


What Personal Information We Collect

The following Personal Information may be supplied by you or collected from you as a result of your access to or use of the TOVPET:
(i) full name;
(ii) email address;
(iii) clinic address, including street name and number;
(iv) phone number (optional);
(v) specimen signature;
(vii) Bank account number;
(viii) Certification necessary to prove specialization, continuing education, and qualification for practicing as a Health Care Professional;
(ix) Awards and recognitions received;
(x) photograph or video images or voices or sounds;
(xi) Awards and recognitions received;
(xii) Awards and recognitions received;
(xiii) unique identifiers associated with your mobile device, Internet Protocol ("IP") Address, browser, type, user session, traffic data, location data; If you do not provide certain requested Personal Information to us, we may not be able to provide you with access to and use of TOVPET or its services, or to fulfill one or more of its functions applicable to you.
Why We collect Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information will be collected when you use TOVPET. You will also be requested to provide your Personal Information upon registration or creation of your account, and every time you use TOVPET. You will also need to provide Personal Information when you communicate with us or when you use TOVPET to communicate with third parties like the Users.
Any Personal Information supplied by you or collected from you because of your use of the TOVPET will be used for one or more of the following purposes:
(i) To create, administer, and update your account;
(ii) To enable you to utilize or access a feature or function of the TOVPET;
(iii) To allow us and the Users to verify your identity to determine your professional qualifications and competency and to decide whether to provide you with access to Personal Information;
(iv) To deposit payment for services rendered using the TOVPET;
(v) To contact you physically or electronically, to respond to your queries, or to send you notifications for alerts you set up in TOVPET;
(vi) To enable communication between you and third parties;
(vii) To offer you additional products and services;
(viii) To enable us to better understand your needs and interests and personalize your experience with the TOVPET;
(ix) To monitor and analyze the use of the TOVPET;

(x) To make announcements and/or provide you TOVPET updates and alterations;
(xi) To enforce this Policy and the Terms of Use;
(xii) compliance with banking, data protection, tax, and other laws and regulations;
(xiii) For other legitimate purposes allowed by applicable laws or incidental to the foregoing.
To Whom Do We Disclose Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information will be displayed in your profile page in the TOVPET. You are aware that the Health Care Professional will have access to your:
(i) name;
(ii) professional license number;
(iii) complete clinic address;
(iv) specialization and awards received if any;
(v) clinics and/or hospitals where you practice;
(vi) time and availability;
and for the above purpose, your prior consent will be solicited and required through TOVPET.
The Users interested in engaging your services through TOVPET will need the foregoing Personal Information to enable them to ascertain and evaluate your qualifications and to contact you.
You acknowledge that we will not be held responsible for the collection and/or Processing of your Personal Information by the Users. This Policy does not apply to the Users or third parties that you share your Personal Information with. They may have their own policies for collecting and Processing your Personal Information, and you are solely responsible for obtaining these privacy policies from them, and for understanding, Accepting and consenting to them. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you safeguard your Personal Information and carefully think before disclosing any Personal Information.
You expressly agree that PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. and its Affiliates will not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by such third party's collection and/or processing of your Personal Information.
You expressly agree that PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. and its Affiliates will not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by such third party's collection and/or processing of your Personal Information.
We may disclose your Personal Information to our Affiliates and independent contractors. These independent contractors assist us in operating the TOVPET, data storage, maintenance services, web analytics, and payment processing. These third parties will have access to your Personal Information exclusively for the purpose of performing the tasks herein described and under contractual obligation to keep your Personal Information confidential and secure.
We may also disclose your Personal Information with the government, courts of law, law enforcement officials, our attorneys, collection agencies, or other private individuals in order to comply with applicable laws, or to the extent required of us to disclose in order to prevent danger or harm to us, to any person or property, to respond to claims and legal processes such as subpoenas, and other government and court orders. We may also disclose information that we believe to be contrary to law, unethical, or legally actionable in a court of law.
Lastly, we may share your Personal Information in case of corporate transaction like a merger or acquisition of our company, or a sale of all or substantially all of our assets including this TOVPET.

Except as expressly enumerated in this Policy, we do not share your Personal Information to any third party without your consent.
User Sharing of Personal Information

TOVPET provides options for Users to share their Personal Information with you. You understand that you will be acting as a personal information controller of such Personal Information. This Policy does not apply to your collection and Processing of any such Personal Information. You will need to have your own privacy policy for collecting and Processing the said Personal Information, and you are solely responsible for notifying the Users of your privacy policy, ensuring that they understand, accept and consent to them, and complying with the Act and all applicable laws and regulations with respect to your Processing of their Personal Information.

You expressly agree that PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. and its Affiliates will not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by your collection and/or Processing of Personal Information of Users.
How We Protect You of Personal Information

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Information is processed securely from collection to destruction.

We implement organizational, physical, and technical measures intended to protect your Personal Information against any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing. In the same way, we conduct regular audits to make sure that the third parties to whom your Personal Information is shared has the same standards of integrity, confidentiality, and security.
PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. implements data encryption firewall, password-protection, authentication mechanisms and other security measures to safeguard your Personal Information.

Where and How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information

Your Personal information may be transferred to and stored in secure servers (on cloud) in and out of the Cambodia, in a highly secured location.

We will retain your Personal information to the extent that such retention is necessary to provide you any of the feature or function in the TOVPET, for us to comply with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes, and/or enforce our agreements with you, we will continue to retain certain of your Personal Information even after your account is deleted or if you have opted to delete your Personal Information.
When your Personal Information is no longer needed, we shall take reasonable steps to destroy or anonymize your Personal Information.

The following factors will be considered in disposing your Personal Information:
(i) Use and Purpose;
(ii) Content;
(iii) Importance;
(iv) Health and Safety;
(v) Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy, we may retain your information if it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, or any government regulation or request and to safeguard the rights of any individual, to remedy any technical or security issues, to address fraud or other illegal acts. Nothing in this Policy shall limit your right to any legal defenses or objections that you have against any third-party including government's request for your information.

How To Access, Correct, and Delete Your Personal Information

We may keep your audio and electronic correspondence for your convenience, but you may request to  delete these at any time by contacting any of our agent.
You may request to our agent to correct your Personal information in the TOVPET. If you want a copy of your Personal Information, please email us in the email address provided below and we will provide you a copy of your Personal Information upon receiving your request.

What Rights Do You Have?

The Act affords you the following rights in relation to your Personal Information:
 • right to be informed;
 • right to access;
 • right to object;
 • right to erasure or blocking;
 • right to damages;
 • right to file a complaint;
 • right to withdraw your consent;
 • right to rectify;
 • right to data portability

How To Contact Us

For any questions, feedbacks, or complaints about your Data Privacy Rights, you may reach the 
 PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. Data Privacy Officer

Postal Address:  
 #46, Than’s Building, 6th Floor, Mao Tse Tong Blvd., Sangkat Boeung Trabek, Khan Chomkamourn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Telephone Number: +855 12 832 416

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify or update this Policy as our TOVPET evolves to keep up with the changes in the services that we provide, the government and regulatory requirements, to adapt to the ever-changing technology, and to align with industry practices. You can determine when these Terms were last revised by referring to the 'LAST UPDATED" date at the top of this Policy.
We will maintain our commitment to protect and value your privacy. Any changes made to this Policy shall be communicated to you by sending you a notification in TOVPET of said changes along with the date of effectivity. Unless otherwise stated in the changes, such changes will apply to all Personal Information that we collect or have collected.
If you do not want your Personal Information to be subject to any changes, you may request to close your account and avoid using the TOVPET.

Consent and Warranties

Subject to the exceptions provided by law, this Policy and the Terms, this consent shall be effective as of the date of execution until revoked.

As the Data Subject, you have the right to withdraw your Consent at any time. However, if you withdraw your Consent, you will not be able to use TOVPET. If you would like to do so, please notify our agent from TOVPET and delete any information saved. The deletion of TOVPET shall be tantamount to a withdrawal of your Consent.

By executing this Policy, I hereby declare the following:

1. The Personal Information and other documents submitted are true and correct based on my personal knowledge and belief.
2. I have read, understood, I accept, and I give my full consent and authority to PILLTECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. to collect, process, use, store, and share Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

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